Congrats Dean Hemmings of The Motorbike Shop!

Dean recently completed the London-Surrey Ride 100 and all for a cause very close to his heart.

Dean Hemmings, Director of The Motorbike Shop, recently took part in the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100. Upon completing the ride and in Dean’s own words, ‘if anyone wants a cheap bike, I’m selling mine!’.

Despite Dean’s less than positive, yet comedic view on his future career in road cycling, we here at The Motorbike Shop have huge respect for his incredible achievement. Dean spent a great deal of time and energy training for the almost impossible feat of succeeding in this challenge. And succeed he did.

The money he has so far raised is all for charity and, specifically, the Samson Centre for MS. In his own words, here is why both the charity and the ride are of such importance to him…

”Some of you may know, I like a challenge…..this one may be a step too far, but I’m in training and it’s for a very important cause!

I’ve been diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS)………. which for me and obviously many other people is a complete nightmare, as it really hampers your everyday activities.  Walking, Overwhelming tiredness, Spasticity, Bladder control, most of which is pretty difficult to manage.

The people at the Samson Centre are incredibly dedicated to helping people with all types of MS.  Through Physical programs, Hyperbaric chambers, Gym work, Classes and many other activities…..even mental well being!”

So, if you can spare 5 minutes and a little change, please visit Dean’s JustGiving page at

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