Don’t be afraid of the Dark!

Yamaha’s recently launched MT-09 and MT-07 have powered to the top of the sales rankings and captured the imagination of European motorcyclists who are looking for a new kind of riding excitement. Inspired by the Dark Side of Japan, these edgy new MT models are all about pure riding emotion. For 2014 Yamaha expand the MT range even further with the new MT-125 – its first streetfighter-style model in the 125cc category that aims to open the MT World to younger riders.

Serious ‘full-size’ bike image
The new MT-125 has been shaped by the strong MT family DNA to give it a charismatic appearance and a commanding street presence that is reinforced by its genuine big bike looks and advanced technology. Every detail on this new streetfighter – from the angular headlight through to the upswept tail – has been shaped by its MT DNA to create a new kind of 125 with a serious ‘full-size’ bike image.

Design Overview
Streetfighter looks with supersport technology
Being developed on the same platform as the 2014 YZF-R125, the new MT features a naked chassis that emphasizes its physical presence. Blending streetfighter style with supersport technology, the MT-125 brings real attitude to the class.

Sports riding position for everyday use
Like the larger capacity MT models, the new MT-125’s ergonomics give a sporty and relatively upright riding position. Compared to the YZF-R125 supersport model, the MT-125 has a less extreme riding position for both the rider and passenger, making this radical new MT ideally suited to everyday fun in the city and on the open road.

Imposing frontal area
The unique character of the MT-125 is defined by the strong stature of the front end that features a low and angular headlamp with LED day lights whose aggressive image is emphasized by the high-shouldered air intakes. As well as giving a forceful and original face to the MT-125, the forward sloping headlamp and air intakes reinforce the dynamic downforce lines of the naked body.

High tech cockpit
The design of the full LCD instrumentation is inspired by smart phone aesthetics, and features bar style displays that include a shift light and rpm graphic – and when the bike is turned on there’s an animated display that greets the rider.

Short tail design
The streetfighter looks are reinforced by an upswept tail that complements the forward sloping lines of the fuel tank and air intakes to give an aggressive silhouette with a crouching, mass-forward image. The bike’s muscular and compact look is also underlined by the location of the LED taillight beneath the tail, which gives a short and uncluttered rear end.

Strong looking engine area
The MT-125’s central area around the engine and fuel tank have been designed to be as compact as possible in order to accentuate the feeling of strength created by the aggressive silhouette and dynamic downforce lines. The single cylinder 125cc engine is equipped with a close fitting underguard that underlines the mass-forward image, and the impression of forward motion is highlighted further by the angled lines of the bodywork as well as the forward sloping cylinder. With the ducted side panels and matt black engine mounted closely around the Deltabox frame, the MT-125’s tightly packed side profile projects an overall impression of strength and power.

High overall quality
In addition to its unique character and aggressive style, the MT-125 exudes a feeling of quality. The combination of smart design and high specification components creates a very special kind of motorcycle that opens up the choice available to our younger customers.

Design highlights
* Serious ‘full-size’ bike image Streetfighter style bodywork
* Shaped by charismatic MT family DNA
* Low, angular headlamp and wide air intakes give strong stature
* Sporty and commanding riding position
* Short tail with dynamic downforce design
* Fully exposed matt-black engine with lightweight underguard
* High-tech cockpit area with clear road view
* High-end supersport class chassis components

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