Yamaha introduce the XVS1300 Custom

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Yamaha introduce the XVS1300 Custom

Radically styled 1304cc V-twin

The handsome new Yamaha XVS1300 Custom is a new breed of cruiser that combines a classic raked-out ‘chopper’ style chassis with a gutsy liquid-cooled V-twin engine to create something very special. Attention to detail on the XVS1300 Custom is outstanding, with features such as the steel fenders, 21-inch front wheel and cooling fins accentuating its timeless good looks and reinforcing its authentic appeal.

High-torque V-twin engineAt the heart of this beautifully crafted new cruiser there’s a 1304cc liquid-cooled 60-degree SOHC V-twin engine that blends classic cruiser looks with modern technology. Big V-twins are all about torque, and the XVS1300 Custom excels in this area. With 4 valves per cylinder combined with a 9.5:1 compression ratio and performance-oriented camshaft designs, this 1304cc engine pushes out a pulsating wave of torque for thrilling acceleration and easy cruising.

Performance design and technologyThe XVS1300 Custom’s V-twin engine may be a classic looking design, but behind the black and silver exterior this high-torque engine is packed with high-tech design features that optimize its performance and strength. The massive 100mm diameter pistons run in ceramic composite cylinder sleeves, and the rocker arms are equipped with roller bearings for reduced frictional losses.

For that charismatic V-twin sound and feel the XVS1300 Custom runs with a single crankpin, while forged con rods ensure high levels of durability. Rider comfort is assured thanks to the fitment of dual counterbalancers, and for stable and efficient engine running performance over a wide range of temperatures and altitudes, the 1304cc engine is fed by a sophisticated fuel injection system.

Liquid-cooled efficiency with air-cooled looksWith its large ‘air-cooling design’ fins, unobtrusive radiator and lack of visible external coolant pipes, this mighty liquid-cooled V-twin engine possesses the classic good looks of a traditional air-cooled design. This has been achieved by running the coolant through hidden hoses and internal engine passages, giving the new XVS1300 Custom a truly timeless image, combined with the performance advantages associated with liquid cooling.

To optimize overall engine performance this new cruiser is fitted with a striking large-diameter 2-into-2 exhaust system with slash cut tailpipes that emit a gutsy burble.

Belt driveThe smooth shifting 5-speed gearbox transmits the big V-twin engine pulses to the road via an efficient belt drive. As well as being clean and quiet running, the durable belt drive also requires minimal maintenance, making it ideally suited to the XVS1300 Custom.

Engine Technical Highlights

  • High torque 1304cc liquid-cooled SOHC 60 degree V-twin
  • Fuel injection for stable performance and fuel efficiency
  • 4 valves per cylinder (36mm inlet, 32mm exhaust)
  • Forged con rids and ceramic composite cylinders for durability
  • ‘Air-cooling design’ fins with hidden liquid cooling system
  • 9.5:1 compression ratio
  • Slash-cut 2-into-2 exhaust system
  • Quiet and efficient belt drive
  • Single crankpin and high-performance camshafts
  • Dual counterbalancers for smooth running

Raked out front end for classic ‘chopper’ styleOne of the most striking features on the new chassis is the radically raked out front end which gives this new V-twin cruiser a classic ‘chopper’ image. The use of specially designed triple clamps give a fork rake of 40 degrees for a more aggressive and striking ‘long and low’ image.

Easy steering and lightweight handlingThe raked-out front end delivers superb straight-line chassis handling characteristics, yet at the same time the XVS1300 Custom’s frame geometry and triple clamp configuration have also been designed to give light and agile handling at lower speeds, for great all round performance in the city and on the highway.

Ultra low seat heightIn true custom tradition the XVS1300 Custom is equipped with an ultra low seat that perfectly complements the bike’s overall style. At only 670mm high, the stepped dual seat allows the rider to get both feet on the ground when stationary for added comfort and confidence.

Relaxed riding positionThe raised pull-back handlebars together with a low seat and forward-mounted footrests give a relaxed riding position that allows the rider to sit back and enjoy the easy handling and big torque pulses from the 1304cc V-twin engine.

Authentic sculpted steel fendersGood news for those customers that want to modify their bike is that the XVS1300 Custom is equipped with steel front and rear fenders. Many of today’s riders want to create their own individual machine, and the steel fenders allow owners to cut and modify the fenders to suit their own requirements.

21-inch front wheel and 210 wide rear tyreTo accentuate its bold and muscular image the XVS1300 Custom is equipped with beautifully styled 5-spoke aluminium wheels which are fitted with low profile tyres. At the rear there’s a wide 210/40-18 tyre, while the large diameter front wheel runs on a 120/70-21 tyre, giving excellent traction with easy steering.

The lightweight wheels are fitted with large diameter disc brakes, with a 320mm diameter front disc and a 310mm rear disc giving smooth and effective braking performance.

Chassis Technical Highlights

  • Radical ‘chopper-style’ front end with 40 degrees of fork rake
  • Solid straight-line performance with easy low-speed handling
  • Ultra-low seat height of 670mm
  • Steel front and rear fenders for increased customizing potential
  • 5-spoke cast aluminium wheels: 21-inch front, 18-inch rear
  • Low profile tyres: 120/70-21 front, 210/40-18 rear
  • Large discs: 320mm single front, 310mm rear
  • Relaxed riding position
  • Sculpted fenders and bodywork
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